Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of questions people have taken the time to ask us about the STOCKBOSS energy-free in ground watering system.

1) in float assembly compartment - set your float height so that the water height is approx 6" below the top of the drinking basket (still covering the holes in the basket.
2) add a gallon of mineral oil to the float assembly compartment and replace the lid
3) if only using one side of the double bowls - close off one side with the Insulated Management Plugs (available for purchase)
Your waterer is now winterized and ready to use.

If you decide NOT to use your waterer
1) shut off the waterer with your shut off tool (available for purchase)
2) remove your float valve assembly and lower the water level to below the bottom of the baskets - DO NOT- remove all of the water (ONLY to below bottom of baskets)
3) add a gallon of mineral to centre compartment & replace the lid
4) put Insulated Management plug on the drinking basket.

To prevent ice crystals from forming in the float area – add one gallon of mineral oil (available for purchase on the web site) to float valve compartment

YES. . .
1) shut the water OFF using your StockBoss shut off tool
2) Pump out the water to ground level
3) remove float assembly
4) install a StockBoss Management lid (s)
5) In the spring/summer when you want to use your waterer again. . . reverse the process a)
remaove the Management lid(s)
b) remove any remaining ice c) install float assembly d) turn water on

If there is ice below lids and in the drinking bowls. . .drill holes in the ice thus allowing water to begin to flow through. then in the float area remove any remaining ice and install the float assembly and begin using your waterer.

To keep water fresh & clean remove basket and pump out the waterer & replace basket (recommended yearly)

To install/remove the tight fitting lid: use a rubber hammer and tap in the desired direction   NOTE!   the lid TURNS ON

The recommended height for installation sits your STOCKBOSS at 20” above the ground level, measuring from the top of the drinking bowl, this is the recommended height for cattle and horses. For smaller livestock such as sheep, the STOCKBOSS can be installed deeper.

STOCKBOSS operating pressure ranges from 8 psi to 100 psi. Recommended minimum operating pressure of at least 40 psi for higher livestock loading rates

YES, it is recommended to pump out yearly to remove decaying debris from the bottom of the waterer thus improving water quality
1) shut off waterer using StockBoss shut off tool
2) pump out water & debris
3) turn water back on using your StockBoss shut off tool

We presently have them installed in excess of 5 miles from a pumping station (well).